Epic Continent

Out May 16th...

“Until recently I had assumed Europe was different, its history sterilised behind the orderly casings of its museums. But the last few years had eroded that certainty. Now, I wondered if a journey among the epics - the oldest, shaggiest, most dog-eared tales out there - could help me to understand what being European is all about...”

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  • Hagen and the Nibelungen Treasure
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    A journey

    from Turkey to Iceland in the shadow of Europe's most enduring epic tales. From the entrance to the Greek underworld to the barrows of Anglo-Saxon kings, from refugee camps to the workshops of storytellers to the haunts of warlords. From the origins of the First World War to the right-wing demagogues of 21st century European politics.

      This is a book about the relationship between the past and the present, and the complicated ways in which they continue to rub against each other.