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The Fairy Tellers

My new book about seven key tellers of tales, from a Neapolitan soldier-of-fortune to a Russian dissident and a bankrupt noblewoman in Louis XV's France. In The Fairy Tellers, I explore their lives and the surprising connections that join together storytelling around the world... 

'A captivating journey into the history of the fairy tale' BBC History Magazine

'A riveting journey into the stories behind stories' The Financial Times

'My favourite kind of non-fiction - skilled writing that takes imaginary worlds and makes them almost tangible.' Edward Brooke-Hitching, author of The Devil's Atlas

'A fabulous quest through time in search of the lost tellers of tales of wonder.' Dr Kate Forsyth, author of The Wild Girl

'A treasure trove of a book.' Zoe Gilbert, author of Folk

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Shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020

"an original and thoroughly absorbing book by a travel writer of immense ability." The New European 

 "Jubber gets under the skin of our complicated continent and his timing is dead right." Kapka Kassabova, author of Border 

In Epic Continent, I explored Europe's iconic stories, from the Odyssey to the Icelandic sagas. These are the stories that made Europe: by travelling in their slipstream, we can discover what makes the continent tick. 

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Watch videos from my journey here, an interview with CNN here, or with National Geographic here, watch the book trailer here, or read an article about travelling in the Sahara here.

"Nick Jubber's new book takes us on an unforgettable journey through time and space, plenty of it, and gives voice to voiceless communities that inhabit one of the most problematic corners of the globe." Amir Taheri, author of Holy Terror

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Drinking Arak off An Ayatollah's Beard: A journey through the Inside-Out Worlds of Iran and Afghanistan.

"From the twinkling navels of Iran's illicit raves to the war-weary towns of southern Afghanistan... a compendium of humour, insight and scholarly detail, and an authentic love affair with Persian culture that outstrips time itself." Jason Elliot, author of An Unexpected Light and Mirrors of the Unseen.

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The Prester Quest.

Winner of the Dolman Travel Book Award.

"Jubber's debut is a gloriously entertaining historical romp. His quest for Prester John is one of suspense and high adventure - a heady blend of epic riddle and historical jigsaw that is written with exuberance, confidence and passion." Giles Milton, author of Nathaniel's Nutmeg and White Gold.

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